Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

07/09/10 Evan Rachel Wood vs. Shannon Elizabeth

Today's HCOTD award goes to Evan Rachel Wood!

Now today was a pretty hard day to choose who earned the right to be the HCOTD, as there was nobody who really stood out.
After an hour I narrowed it down to two people Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler) and Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie). I was on the verge of choosing Shannon Elizabeth because of her unforgettable scene in American Pie (You know what I'm talking about), but then I saw some recent pictures of her and was horrified as she looked like a drag queen.
So I eventually chose Evan Rachel Wood, and I am glad I did as I rate her a 7/10 while Shannon would only be a 5/10. (one point bonus for her knockers!!)

Happy birthday Evan Rachel Wood!!!

PS. Why the hell was she going out with Marilyn Manson, he looks like a flippin' douche, anyways happy b'day!!

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