Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

09/09/10 And The HCOTD Award goes to.........................

Julie Gonzalo!!!

Now she may be not as famous as Michelle Williams but she has a cute familiar face, as she was in alot of teen movies as the high school cheerleader of the "baddie in the film" such as in Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story and had a brief appearance in Dodgeball as, of course, the cheerleader that falls in love with the dorky, nerd.
Now recently she hasn't done anything to make her a household name except for starring in the TV series "Eli Stone" which really wasn't big.
But still she is the hottest chick that was born today as the other contenders didn't stand a chance with Michelle Williams coming in second place.
Julie Gonzalo is fuckin' hot and should be known everywhere by masturbating pervs as she is definitely hotter than Megan "Fuckin' Fake" Fox.

Happy Birthday Julie Gonzalo!!

PS. I was going to choose this chick called Kelsey Chow but I didn't know her that well, so yea. Julie Gonzalo FTW!!

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