Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14/09/10 According to Kim

Today's HCOTD Award goes to "According To Jim" star Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

I first knew of Kimberly after a viewing of Father Of The Bride from which I thought that she looked magnificently beautiful. I watched the movie around 2005 and thought the movie was made the year before (because of Steve Martin's inability to age). Little did I know the movie was made in 1991.

I am amazed at the way she looks because she's almost 40 and has given birth to 2 children and still looks the same after 15 years in the entertainment biz.

Paisley in Father Of The Bride, oh so beautiful.

Kimberly with her husband singer Brad Paisley....................lucky bastard.

There were some candidates that fought against Kimberly to become HCOTD but ended up doing a McCain and lost embarrassingly.

Today's honourable mentions:

Dilshad Vadsaria

I can admit she's one of the hottest Indian chicks I've ever seen.

Amy Winehouse

Oh yea, the things I'd do to her.................

So obviously Kimberly won pretty much hands down, and she should be happy for being the Hottest Chick Of The Day because she is still seen as a chick.
(definition of chick: sexy young woman) Resource from CelebDude01's Dictionary

Happy 39th Birthday Kimberly Williams-Paisley!!