Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Easiest Way To Get Alot Of Traffic!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

11/09/10 You may not know her.....

The HCOTD goes to somebody that you may not know but looks pretty familiar:
Cameron Richardson

When I first saw her I thought she was that blonde chick from "30 Rock" but when I looked her up I was wrong,. But she looked so familiar and noticed that she was from  "Harper's Island"
She was probably the only face from that program that I can remember because she was, of course, the hottest chick on the show.

She pretty much won without no competition because all the other people that were born today were ugly, old or both. Here are some pics of her so-called competition:

Taraji P. Henson (she's on the left)

This Oscar nominated actress has been making a name for herself in Hollywood as she has starred in alot of high profile movies such as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, and most recently Date Night and The Karate Kid.
She may be a good actress but she doesn't have the looks to win the title of HCOTD. 

Virginia Madsen

I gotta say I love cleavage but on an almost-50-year-old woman, I think not. If this was 1989 she would obviously win because I can admit she was very hot back then, but now ah.............................. she's looking more and more like her age. So yea, because she is older than my mother I would not say that she is the HCOTD, sorry.

Yep, Cameron Richardson won for her beauty as well as for being younger than the other contenders.

Happy 31st Birthday Cameron Richardson!!


  1. The last chick is pretty, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. Not that much but still.